Gardena Classic Hose Holder

Gardena Classic Hose Holder

Complete with 10 m hose!
The GARDENA Classic hose reel 10 is completely versatile and compact. Very lightweight, it’s easy to transport and will store your hose neatly and safely. The whole set comes complete with a reel, 10 metres Classic garden hose (13 mm, 1/2' diameter) and all necessary GARDEN System attachments you could need. This makes it perfect for very small gardens, patios or decking. The free-running winder makes it all easy to use. The sides of the hose holder is in the shape of a triangle, so has a very low centre of gravity making it extremely stable - will not easily tip over. Watering the garden can be fun!
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Gardena Classic Hose Holder

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Mobile use on the patio or decking: With its compact design and lightweight hose reel 10 it is completely ideal for using on the patio or decking or in a small city garden. It is easy and comfortable to carry thanks to the extremely comfortable grip.
Fukky equipped: The set includes a hose, all necessary GARDENA System connectors and an adjustable spray head. Just connect to the tap and you're away.
Space-saving storage: Thanks to its compact design and retractable winder makes this hose reel easy to store. Very space saving and will fit in just the smallest corners of your patio or decking.
No leakage: Turn off the tap and you can attach the hose to the integrated anti-drip. No leakage during transport or storage.
No kinks: Because the hose on the hose trolley is rounded it prevents the hose from kinking and the water will always run freely through your hose.


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