Gardena Classic Garden Pump

Gardena Classic Garden Pump

The compact GARDENA Sprinkler pump 3000/4 is the very best starters model and useable for lots of different aims. The high sucking capacity and the high pressure makes this pump ideal for a sprinkler system, for raising pressure or for over pumping (one place to another) or removal pumping of water. The whole pump is light and sturdy, easy to use. GARDENA uses top quality materials for a long life to all appliances. The ceramic housing and double insulation between motor and moving parts of the pump ensure safe working and prevents damage to the pump. A thermal safety switch prevents the motor overheating.
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Gardena Classic Garden Pump
Gardena Classic Garden Pump
Gardena Classic Garden Pump
Guarantee: 2 years

The solution: This sprinkler system has everything you need for connecting to your pump and using immediately. It's the Classic Sprinkler Pump 3000/4, a pump hose (3.5 m) with pump filter and no-return valve, a garden hose (20 m, 13 mm / 1/2" Ø) and connectors from the Original GARDENA System, incl. spray nozzle.
Sturdy and reliable: The best quality materials and accurate production protects this pump from damage and make it very durable and safe during use.
Quiet pump: Rubber 'feet' ensure that the pump is stable and will work quietly and without vibration.
User friendly: The large opening makes this pump easy to fill without the use of a funnel, prior to switching it on. The ergonomic handle means you can easily transport it too.
Handy: Remaining water is simple to drain (for instance when frost in forecast).
Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 600 W
  • Max. Cap. feed: 310 LPH
  • Max. pressurs: 3.6 bar
  • Weight: 6.5 Kg
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
  • Power cable: H05 RNF
  • Elec. Protection Class: IP X4


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