Gacoli Solar Catwalk No. 1

Gacoli Solar Catwalk No. 1

Cable free, solar powered LED lighting for walls and fencing
Light up your garden path or driveway in no time with this high quality, designer lamp from GACOLI - the CATWALK No. 1. No particular fitting skills or cables required! This sturdy, cable free path lighting with LED lamps is in a fashionable look, as we are all used to with GACOLI. This outside lamp stores its energy throughout the day via the 'intelligent' EMU (Energy Management Unit) which means it never needs charging and you will always have a powerful, ambient lighting throughout your summer evenings.
The solar powered Catwalk No. 1 is easily attached to any wall or fencing. GACOLI's designer lamp Catwalk No. 1 has long-lasting, environmentally friendly LED lamps on three sides. Power savers at their best - what more could one ask for?
  • Dimensions: 8 x 10 x 10 cm
  • No. of LED: 6 x warm white
  • Includes an automatic dusk sensor
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This product is currently unavailable

This product is currently unavailable

Gacoli Solar Catwalk No. 1
Gacoli Solar Catwalk No. 1
Gacoli Solar Catwalk No. 1
Guarantee: 2 years

Here are all the advantages of GACOLI solar powered LED outdoor lighting:

  • Cable free, no expensive installation necessary
  • 100% solar powered so less energy charges
  • Includes an EMU (Energy Management Unit)
  • Includes high quality solar panels, an 'intelligent' battery and durable LED lamps
  • No tools necessary
  • Safe due low voltage
  • Easy to move
  • Year round weather resistance due to the sturdy design
  • Standard 2 year warranty

These first rate, designer, lamps from GACOLI are each uniquely developed within their series and, thanks to the cable free design, easily placed and easily moved elsewhere too - giving exceptional comfort wherever they are.
The sturdy, solar powered garden light from GACOLI is made in (for instance) a strong stainless steel. All the lamps give off a nice light and you can leave them all outdoors, all year round, really, 365 days in the year. Simple!
All the Gacoli lights work 100% on solar power so there are no cables anywhere and you save on your power bills too.
GACOLI developed an EMI (Energy Management Unit) for each model. Each EMU features a high-quality solar panel, an 'intelligent' battery and long-lasting LED lamps. Some models even have a really handy remote control with a dimmer and automatic switch on at dusk - optimum enjoyment of the outdoor life.
Dutch Design
These elegant outdoor lights were developed entirely in the Netherlands. The sturdy stainless steel design (and also the plastic shades) make GACOLI garden lights real eye-catchers in any garden, patio or balcony, both before and after dark!

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