Fiskars® Singlestep Bypass lopper

Fiskars® Singlestep Bypass lopper

With its handles made of lightweight, durable polypropylene and a cutting capacity of 35 mm, the Fiskars SingleStep Bypass L28 lopper is a handy addition for anyone who wants to keep their trees and shrubs in shape. The lopper has a hook-shaped head that grips the branch and keeps it in place during cutting. The hardened steel blades have a coating that reduces friction and ensures a clean and straight cut without effort. This small but handy lopper eliminates all small to medium-sized branches.

For pruning fresh wood
  • Cutting capacity: Ø 35 mm
  • Sheet material: hardened steel, non-stick coating
  • Length: 50 cm
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Fiskars® Singlestep Bypass lopper

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