Commelina tuberosa


Commelina tuberosa
Attractive plant with long, thin root nodules that produces deep blue flowers that open up every day. They flower in summer and are ideal for a pot or planter on the patio or decking. It is a very easy to grow clump forming plant. Will require winter protection in a frost-free place.
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Latin name: Commelina tuberosa
Delivery type: Supplied as bulb or tuber
Guarantee: 1 year growth and flowering guarantee
Color: Blue
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: Yes
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Naturalizing: Yes
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No
Flowering: July - September
Growing Height: 40 - 50 cm
Bulb circumference: 7 cm

As soon as possible after receiving the Commelina tuberosa tubers they can be planted in the garden or in a patio pot or planter. The planting depth for this Dayflower is about 6 cm, with a spacing of 15 cm. Loosen the soil well and plant the tubers, fill the hole with soil and water immediately. To create a more colourful patch dig a wider hole and plant extra tubers. The Dayflower grows best in loose, well-drained soil in a spot in full sun or partial shade.

Commelina tuberosa in the garden

The incredible colour of these Dayflowers deserves a prime spot in the garden. A blue flower in the garden is very eye-catching and will also look stunning on your patio or decking. If planting in a pot or planter make sure it has adequate drainage. The narrow, bright green leaves stand in neat clumps.


The tubers of Commelina tuberosa can remain in the same spot for years. Keep the soil rather dry in the early summer until the plant starts growing, it can then be watered more regularly. For a healthy growth, during the flowering period we recommend adding a fertilizer regularly when watering. This will ensure a rich flowering for the following year.

Commelina tuberosa in the winter

The Commelina tuberosa tubers are frost sensitive. You can lift the tubers to dry and store in a cool, frost-free shed. If planted in well-drained soil, you can also try covering with a thick layer of fallen leaves or straw on top of the tubers. Tubers grown in pots must be moved to a frost-free place. Waterlogged soil is not tolerated especially in winter.


The flowers of Commelina tuberosa are truly enchanting with the azure blue petals and the bright yellow anthers. The Commelina tuberosa flowers from July to September. So you can enjoy this wonderful display for weeks on end!

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