Dancing-Lady Orchid 'Sweet Sugar'

Oncidium 'Sweet Sugar'

Dancing-Lady Orchid 'Sweet Sugar'

Oncidium 'Sweet Sugar'
A tropical orchid, just dazzling in our homes!
A very exceptional orchid – the Oncidium ‘Sweet Sugar’. The stem protruding from the plant bears a cloud of small yellow flowers when it’s in bloom. This orchid can flower several times a year with a large flower stem covered in masses of flowers. Orchids are famous for how they actually manage to pollinate and this one is no different. Out in the wilds of tropical South and Central America, these flowers actually pretend to be female insects. The wind makes them bob up and down to entice a male bee to come and collect their pollen, pollinating them in the process of going to and fro. We don’t have these particular insects in Europe so you don’t have to worry about them turning up. Oncidium ‘Sweet Sugar’ is a very long flowering and decorative orchid. Do consider ordering more than just one to get a lovely effect in your home. You will receive a plant with one flower stem in bud.
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Dancing-Lady Orchid 'Sweet Sugar'
Dancing-Lady Orchid 'Sweet Sugar'
Latin name: Oncidium 'Sweet Sugar'
Delivery type: Supplied as container plant
Guarantee: 6 months growth and flowering guarantee
Color: Yellow
Preferred location: Half shadow, Shadow
Green stayer: Yes
Leafs all year: Yes
Hardy plants: No
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Naturalizing: No
Scented: Deliciously Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No
Growing Height: 50 - 70 cm

The orchid comes in a nursery pot. Stand it in a sunny spot in the living room, but not in full sun. Perfect temperature for the Oncidium is between 18 and 22°C.


Keep the roots of the orchid moist with regular watering preferably using lime free (rain) water. Needs a lot of watering in the summer months - do not hesitate to plunge the plant into a container of luke-warm water and then let it drain – good drainage is important and the plant must not be left to stand in water. Never water the leaves, only the soil. Use a liquid fertiliser every month - use what you would for flowering plants or tomatoes, something with a high potassium content. Spray the plant to keep humidity high. Cut overblown flower stems at the bottom of the stem. Each pseudobulb will flower once and then forms a new pseudobulb at least once more. Pot up into a larger pot if the plant outgrows the pot. The Oncidium can also be propagated but do leave at least 3 shoots together in one pot. Use a sharp knife when separating and use an airy orchid potting compost specifically for orchids to plant them in. Do this straight after flowering.

Dormant period

The orchid creates new pseudobulbs (usually) in the autumn. If they do appear, your plant is obviously growing well. Once they are fully grown (grown thick and firm), the plant will need to rest for 8-12 weeks. Stand somewhere cooler (about 16°C), water sparingly once a fortnight and do not feed. However, do not allow the potting medium to dry out entirely. New buds will form in this dormant period, after which you can stand your plant in the warm living room once more, giving it more water and feeding it too. After 2 months, the flower stems will appear.
Standing the plant in a sheltered spot outdoors in the summer will also encourage new buds. The day and night temperature rhythms will stir the buds into development. (This method is an alternative to storing the plant in a cooler room.)


The flowers are bright yellow speckled with a few brown spots in the centre and on the topmost petals. The flowers have a large lip which sways back and forth in the breeze. This result is a very attractive flower that resembles a 'dancing princess'. It is an easily grown plant that will be much admired - also well known as the Tiger Orchid. This variety of orchid's natural habitat is the jungles of South America.


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