Cherry Toms + Potato TomTato®

Solanum TomTato®

Cherry Toms + Potato TomTato®

Solanum TomTato®
Cherry tomatoes and potatoes on the same plant!
Plant breeders have been successful in creating a really unusual plant: Meet the TomTato®! This easily grown plant grows sweet cherry tomatoes, delicious in both salads and hot dishes. The versatile potatoes that grow from the TomTato® are perfect for boiling or frying (chips and crisps). In ideal conditions, this spectacular plant produces no less than 2 kg of potatoes and anything up to 500 cherry tomatoes! The TomTato® can be grown in the garden or just as easily in a planter on the patio or decking!
There are only a limited number of TomTato® plants, so order now and we will reserve it especially for you.
Delivery height approx. 30 cm in a nursery pot 9 cm in diameter.
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Cherry Toms + Potato TomTato®
Cherry Toms + Potato TomTato®
Cherry Toms + Potato TomTato®
Latin name: Solanum TomTato®
Delivery type: Supplied as container plant
Guarantee: 6 months growth and flowering guarantee
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: No
Self polinating: No
Edible: Yes
Naturalizing: No
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No

Solanum TomTato® should be planted upon receipt in a large planter using fresh potting compost.  
Tomatoes love the warmth, the best results and highest yield will be obtained from those planted indoors (greenhouse or conservatory). Once all chance of frost is passed (night temps. above 12° C) your TomTato® plant can go outdoors. Do acclimatise it first by standing it outdoors in a sheltered and shady spot for one hour longer every day for a week. It can them be potted up to a larger planter and placed in a sunny and sheltered position.
You can plant more TomTato® plants in a row directly into the garden - find a sheltered and sunny spot and space them 70 cm apart. Don't forget support canes and always tie them up for support! TomTato® plants cannot tolerate the cold so beware of late spring frost.


The TomTato® is an amazing plant that produces small tomatoes on the vine above ground, and potatoes underground so you can understand, we need to cater for combining both growing methods for the TomTato®. As of course potatoes grow underground, it can't hurt to earth up the base of the TomTato® plant, as you would with 'normal' potatoes.
Water your TomTato® sufficiently and always on the soil (not the leaves) - the soil can actually be on the dry side (in preference to too moist). Extra and continual feeding is always necessary so add special tomato and/or potato fertiliser to your watering can regularly.
Tomatoes ripened on the vines are the tastiest. Tomato plants tend to creep along the ground so a support to keep those stems upright is always necessary. TomTato® will also thrive in a large planter. Use a sturdy climbing frame or tepee made of bamboo cane. If growing in the greenhouse, winding the main stem up twine hung from the roots to the ceiling also works great.
In September, remove all foliage that covers the fruits so that the light can reach the tomatoes and your tomatoes will colour up nicely.
Side shoots that appear should be nipped out every week when tying the plant in. Tomatoes grown outdoors need all their strength for the main stem and to form flowers. Tomato flowers pollinate themselves with help from (bumble) bees but giving the plant a few careful taps up and down the main stem can help shake the pollen around and fruit will soon set.
Once the lower bunches have pollinated and show tiny fruits, remove the lowest leaves to encourage growth.
Tomato plants always react positively to a feed with our special tomato fertiliser.


Use both hands when harvesting your cherry tomatoes. This helps to prevent damage to the plant.
Just cut each fruit off with a sharp knife or scissors. You can leave the small clusters of fruit on the plant in the sun and they'll soon turn red but you can also pick them and let them ripen indoors on a windowsill, they will soon turn from green to red. This allows the plant to grow new fruit and give you a bigger harvest. At the end of the growing season, just pick all fruit, even if they are not ripe, they will eventually ripen indoors.
The potatoes can be harvested at the end of the season with a pitchfork. Use it to lift the whole plant then allow the potatoes you dig up to dry on top of the soil, or lying in the shed before you store them properly.


One TomTato® plant can yield up to 500 cherry tomatoes! How lovely and delicious to eat directly from the plant too! And this unique plant is busy growing potatoes underground while it's at it - as much as 2 kilogrammes!
Tomatoes are good for you and contain essential phosphates, potassium, Vit.C and carotene.
Potatoes are also good to eat and are indeed one of the greatest producers of starch worldwide (along with rice and grains).


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