Banana plant Musa 'Basjoo' including Elho decorative pot, white

Musa 'Basjoo'

Banana plant Musa 'Basjoo' including Elho decorative pot, white

Musa 'Basjoo'
Tropical combination
Want to add something unique to your garden? We recommend the tropical banana plant 'Basjoo' (Musa). The plant's big leaves decorate our garden or balcony. The white decorative pot matches it perfectly! The pot has an integrated water reservoir. So your plant will never dry out. It can take a few years before the banana plant blooms. But until we can enjoy the tasty bananas, we can enjoy the lovely plant.
Remove the plant from the nursery pot and place it in the decorative pot. Then fill the decorative pot with earth. This gives the plant the space it needs to grow well. Just remember to water and enjoy! Sufficient light is needed to ensure good growth. So place the plant in a bright spot out of direct sunlight. Bananas thrive in well-drained soil. The soil should be kept damp. It's best to give the tree extra water during dry spells. The banana plant comes in the Elho greenville decorative pot.

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Banana plant Musa 'Basjoo' including Elho decorative pot, white
Banana plant Musa 'Basjoo' including Elho decorative pot, white
Banana plant Musa 'Basjoo' including Elho decorative pot, white
Banana plant Musa 'Basjoo' including Elho decorative pot, white
Banana plant Musa 'Basjoo' including Elho decorative pot, white
Banana plant Musa 'Basjoo' including Elho decorative pot, white
How we measure

From the bottom of the nursery pot to the top of the plant.

Edible: No
Cutting flowers: No
Grafted: No
Green stayer: No
Growing Height: 100 - 250 cm
Guarantee: 6 months growth and flowering guarantee
Hardy plants: Yes
Latin name: Musa 'Basjoo'
Leafs all year: No
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Naturalizing: No
Planting distance: 80 - 100 cm
Scented: Not Scented
Self polinating: No

Musa basjoo is a special foliage plant with a tropical charisma. Plant the banana plant as soon as possible, after delivery, in a large flower pot or patio pot with holes in the base. Preferably, use tub plant compost and add some granulated cow manure granules. Put some compost into the pot and set the Musa basjoo root ball at the right depth. Fill with compost, press firmly and water immediately after planting. Place the pot in a sheltered, warm, light spot, but do protect the leaves from intense sun.

Musa basjoo in the ground

The Japanese fibre banana, can be planted in the ground! Prepare a large hole and loosen the soil. Plant Musa basjoo fairly deep (top of the root ball should be 10 cm below the top of the soil), so that it is well protected from frost. Humus-rich soil is excellent for the banana plant. Improve soil by working in some garden manure. After planting add some granulated cow manure and water well. Choose a spot in full sun. The soil should never be let to dry out, even in winter.


The compost around the roots should always be kept rather moist, so it is important to water regularly. However, Musa basjoo detests ‘wet feet’, so always provide adequate drainage. From spring until autumn regularly add plant food when watering. The plant enjoys a lot of heat.

Musa basjoo in the winter

In the winter the leaves above ground can suffer from frost. But this variety will always grow again from the roots. In a growing season it is possible for the plant to grow a few metres. If you are growing your banana tree in a tub, it can be moved indoors in a cool, preferably light, frost-free place and be moved outside again once there are no signs of frost. In the garden it can be protected from frost by covering it with a fleece or reed matting if no protection is given the plant can die back to the ground.


Musa basjoo comes originally from Japan and can tolerate the cold rather well. In our climate this exotic plant can be easily be cultivated. New shoots can grow from the base of the banana plant, which will give you even more of the lovely banana leaves. Plant in the garden and create a tropical appearance.


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