Avena® Body Milk

Avena® Body Milk

Moisturises, softens and protects
The Avena body cream moisturises, softens and protects the skin of your body. This pleasantly fragrant papaya cream is suitable for everyday use, for men or women.

Use Avena body cream both before and after gardening. This body cream is suitable for the normal to sensitive skin of both male and female. Avena Sativa protects the skin structure and prevents it from dehydration. This product has a high content of Lavender Mailette that gives extra protection from skin irritants, burns and insect bites.

Contents: 200 ml.
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Avena® Body Milk
Guarantee: 2 years

Gardening takes quite a lot out of our bodies, and hands probably most of all. Nails break and the skin is exposed to the sun’s UV rays – and some plants, flowers and trees can cause a irritation of the skin.

We have created the special Avena Garden Care range especially for these kinds of problems and they all contain Avena. Avena Sativa is known as the common oat, so basically, a grass. It protects the skin structure and prevents it from becoming dehydrated. And, all the products contain the unique ingredient Lavender Maillette that gives extra protection from skin irritants, burns and insect bites.

Avena Garden Care is a complete skin care line containing high levels of active ingredients. They are all made from naturally based raw materials and all are good for normal to sensitive skin in both men and women. All the products have a delicious papaya fragrance and are actively protective, moisturising and healing. The whole range is free from parabens and colouring and nothing is tested on animals.


  • Avena Sativa – protects, and prevents dehydration
  • Lavendel Mailette – reduces skin irritation
  • Allantoin – heals, calms and softens
  • Calendula - calming
This whole product range is named after Avena Sativa, the common oat – a grassy annual classified as Poaceae. This plant grows to 1.2 metres in height by June with a plume containing a 5 mm broad hull containing the oat. Avena Sativa was frequently used long ago for all sorts of skin complaints like eczema and psoriasis. It is also proven as a soothing ointment for burns and the itches of a rash.


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