Astilbe Astilbe 'Pumila' - Organic purple

Astilbe chinensis 'Pumila'

Astilbe Astilbe 'Pumila' - Organic purple

Astilbe chinensis 'Pumila'
Low-growing plumes
Purple plumes in the garden We are just mad about them! The astilbe 'Pumila' (Astilbe chinensis) is low-growing and very spectacular. The organically grown plant works well in a border. Or a spacious flowerpot in the garden or patio. The flowers bloom in the summer.
Plant the 'Pumila' in partial shade. Keep the roots of the plant nice and moist!
The perennial is organically certified! This means no chemical pesticides have been used to grow the plant. For a garden without toxins. That's how we avoid harming the environment!
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Astilbe Astilbe 'Pumila' - Organic purple - Plant

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Estimated delivery time : 5-12 Working Days

Latin name: Astilbe chinensis 'Pumila'
Delivery type: Delivered as plant in nursery pot
Guarantee: 5 years guarantee
Color: Purple
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: Yes
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No
Flowering: June - September
Growing Height: 20 - 30 cm
Planting distance: 20 - 30 cm

Astilbe chinensis var. pumila will thrive in the garden. Dig a wide hole and loosen the soil with a fork. Improve poor soil with a mix of compost and peat. Plant the astilbe root ball at the correct depth - the top of the root ball should come to just below ground level. Fill the hole and heel well in. Water immediately and generously. Chinese astilbe will thrive in full sun, shade or part shade in humus rich, fairly swampy soil. This variety is therefore more able to tolerate sun than other astibles.

Astilbe chinensis var. pumila in pots

Astilbe chinensis var. pumila is most well-known for use in borders and bedding but those striking plumes also look really lovely in a planter. Choose a generously sized pot with holes in the base and plant your astilbes 20 cm apart. It is really important not to allow the pot soil to dry out so a potted Chinese astilbe will prefer to be stood in part shade.


Astilbe chinensis var. pumila is an easily grown perennial. Do ensure that the surrounding soil is kept moist. Drought will not be tolerated and the soil may even be on the swampy side, especially in a sunny spot. This plant will die back in the winter so cover it with a layer of leaf litter in plenty of time before the frosts. Cut back all dead leaf in the spring and you will soon see new shoots appear above ground.


Astilbe chinensis var. pumila is a profuse flowering plant that will bring colour even to the shadiest of spots. The plumes stay decorative well into the winter so only cut back in the spring. Try the plumes in a mixed bouquet too - really attractive.
Astilbe chinensis var. pumila has changed with the recent reclassification of name: Astilbe rubra. Astilbe is a member of the saxifrage family (Saxifragaceae).

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