5x Tricyrtis hirta - Mix - Bare-rooted - Plant

Tricyrtis - hirta

5x Tricyrtis hirta - Mix - Bare-rooted - Plant

Tricyrtis - hirta
These speckled lilies are also called toad lilies? That's right, that's the Tricyrtis hirta. Its flowers look like spotted stars. They are similar to orchids in appearance. We find the Tricyrtis hirta fascinating.
You will receive this toad lily mix as bare-root stock in sugar cane sacking. This is more environmentally friendly than plastic nursery pots. The roots are shipped fresh from the ground. They are already one year old. This gives them additional strength, enabling them to grow faster than they would in a nursery pot. Plants grown from bare-root stock also adapt to their new environment more easily. They flower better and they are more economical. Bare-root stock plants grow when it becomes warmer. They are winter-hardy perennials. They can be planted at any time, provided that the ground is not frozen.
The Tricyrtis hirta flowers from summer until the first frost. In half or full sun. They can be planted in a flower pot or around the garden. Make sure that the soil does not dry out, but avoid letting them sit in standing water too.
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5x Tricyrtis hirta - Mix - Bare-rooted - Plant

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Estimated delivery time : 5-12 Working Days

Latin name: Tricyrtis - hirta
Delivery type: Supplied as bare-rooted plant
Guarantee: 5 years guarantee
Color: Mixed Colours
Preferred location: Half shadow, Shadow
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: Yes
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Scented: Deliciously Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: Yes
Flowering: August - October
Growing Height: 60 - 90 cm
Planting distance: 20 - 30 cm
Toad lilies are perennials that thrive particularly well in gardens. Prepare a large hole in quality, loose soil. Poor soil can be improved by working in some compost and cow manure fertiliser pellets. Plant the root ball of the Toad lily at the appropriate depth in the hole, which means with the top planted just below ground level. Refill the hole with soil, press firmly and water immediately after planting. Toad lilies grow and flourish in partially sunny area with soil rich in humus and nutrients.
Tricyrtis hirta is an easy-to-grow perennial plant that requires minimal maintenance. Make sure the soil around the roots does not dry out because it does not tolerate dry soil very well. The Toad lily dislikes calcareous soil. Each spring, add garden compost to replenish nutrients. Once the frost has turned the foliage black, it can be cut back and then covered with a layer of fallen leaves for winter protection. In spring, cutback any leaves and soon you will see new shoots appearing above the ground.

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