5x Hollyhock 'Nigra' purple - Hardy plant

Alcea rosea 'Nigra'

5x Hollyhock 'Nigra' purple - Hardy plant

Alcea rosea 'Nigra'
Black flowers. Fresh from the garden
Unique flowers! They almost look black. The hollyhock 'Nigra' (Alcea rosea) is a deep purple flower. A special summertime flower. The tall plant has sturdy stems and large dark flowers. It's lovely in a border or on the balcony. You will receive the hollyhocks bare-rooted in environmentally friendly sugar cane sacking. The roots are shipped fresh from the ground. They are already one year old. This gives them additional strength, enabling them to grow faster than they would in a nursery pot. Plants grown from bare-root stock also adapt to their new environment more easily. Bare-root stock plants grow when it becomes warmer. These are winter-hardy perennials, so they return every year. The flowers bloom in the summer.
Hollyhocks are real sun worshippers. They should be planted in full sun. The soil should be kept slightly damp. It's best to give them extra water during dry periods.
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5x Hollyhock 'Nigra' purple - Hardy plant
5x Hollyhock 'Nigra' purple - Hardy plant
5x Hollyhock 'Nigra' purple - Hardy plant
Latin name: Alcea rosea 'Nigra'
Delivery type: Supplied as bare-rooted plant
Guarantee: 6 months growth and flowering guarantee
Color: Purple,Black
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: Yes
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: Yes
Flowering: July - August
Growing Height: 160 - 200 cm
Planting distance: 30 - 40 cm

Hollyhocks are real sun worshippers! An area such as a sunny south facing wall or fence is ideal for this romantic, summer flowering plant. Well-drained, sandy soil will be perfect. Don’t forget to fertiliser and don’t let the plants dry out. Recommended spacing for the young plants is approx. 50 cm apart.

Hollyhocks next to climbing roses works well. Both varieties have the same requirements and blend together perfectly. Plus with lavender in the vicinity you will have a beautiful result.


The plants you receive from us will flower during the same year. The Hollyhock is a biennial which means that the plant dies after flowering. When the plant turns to a brownish colour in autumn, you can cut the whole plant.

The seed pods are very decorative, leave them to ripen and when the pod looks dry the seeds can be used for sowing. Sow the seeds in June in a shady spot. In September, choose the best place in your garden for planting. Cover in winter with a layer of fallen leaves to protect from frost. The plants will bloom the following year from June to July.


The large hollyhock ‘Nigra’ flowers are stunning. The almost black colouring forms a great contrast when planted alongside pink Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) or the airy inflorescence of Rue (Thalictrum rochebrunianum).

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