2x Yellow shallot Allium 'Golden Gourmet'

Allium ascalonicum 'Golden Gourmet'®

2x Yellow shallot Allium 'Golden Gourmet'

Allium ascalonicum 'Golden Gourmet'®
Refined taste
You can grow your own shallots with ease! The yellow shallot 'Golden Gourmet' (Allium ascalonicum) will give your dishes a refined taste. Plant the bulbs in the spring. You can harvest the shallots in the summer.
Place 10 plants per linear metre. Space the bulbs out when planting. The distance between plants is three times the width of the bulb. Plant the bulb the depth of three times the bulb's height. The shallots love partial or full shade. Water the plant immediately after planting. Water it more during dry periods. The flower bulbs come in organic packaging. 100% degradable and contributes to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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2x Yellow shallot Allium 'Golden Gourmet'
2x Yellow shallot Allium 'Golden Gourmet'
2x Yellow shallot Allium 'Golden Gourmet'
How we measure

From the bottom of the nursery pot to the top of the plant.

Color: Brown
Delivery type: Supplied as bare-rooted plant
Edible: Yes
Cutting flowers: No
Grafted: No
Green stayer: No
Guarantee: 6 months growth and flowering guarantee
Hardy plants: No
Latin name: Allium ascalonicum 'Golden Gourmet'®
Leafs all year: No
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Naturalizing: No
Planting: March - May
Planting depth: 5 cm
Scented: Not Scented
Self polinating: No

Yellow Shallot 'Golden Gourmet' can be planted in rows during the spring when there is no more frost. The distance between rows is about 35 cm. The distance between the shallots is about 15 cm. Plant the shallots in the ground just below ground level. Young shallots may go through shooting. If the weather is wet it is best to leave until later. Shallots grow best under complete sunshine.


Shallots are easy-to-grow vegetables and ideal for any new gardener. Mix some garden fertilizer into the ground preferably in the winter: about 50 grams per square metre. Sprinkle 40 grams of potassium per square meter. Make sure that after planting you keep the area free from weeds. Provide extra water during dry periods so that the onions develop well. In very wet summers, you can harvest a few weeks earlier.

Harvesting shallots

Between July and August, the foliage begins to brown. When about half the foliage has turned brown, you can lift all the shallots out of the ground. Hang them in bunches to dry. Shallots can be kept long when stored in a cool and dry area.


Yellow Shallot 'Golden Gourmet' is a disease-resistant variety. You can eat both its fresh leaves and the bulb. Shallots have a sharper and sweeter taste than onions. You can harvest some in June and mix them into a salad which is why these young shallots are caled 'salad onions' Shallots should have a rotation cycle when planted at home as root crops.


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