12x Beech hedge Fagus green-red - Bare rooted

Fagus sylvatica 'Atropurpurea'

12x Beech hedge Fagus green-red - Bare rooted

Fagus sylvatica 'Atropurpurea'
Why settle for just one colour?
Looking for a hedge that catches the eye? This red and green beech hedge is perfect. Why settle for just one colour when you could have two? Six red beeches (Fagus sylvatica "Atropurpurea") and six green beeches (Fagus sylvatica) come together to make this gorgeous hedge! This stunning colours brighten up the garden almost all year round. The leaves may turn a bit brown over the winter. But they don't fall off the bush. This hedge definitely isn't deciduous! For a dense hedge, we plant three shrubs per metre.
This beech hedge is supplied as 12 branches of bare-root stock: 6x Fagus sylvatica and 6x Fagus sylvatica 'Atropurpurea'. The plants are shipped fresh from the ground. They are already one year old. This gives them additional strength, enabling them to branch out faster than they would in a nursery pot. Plants grown from bare-root stock also adapt to their new environment more easily. They grow better and they're more economical.
The hedge should be pruned twice per year. Once in the winter and once after the buds open in the spring. For the best results, give the hedge "beech and hedge" food. The hedge will grow in any moist, well-drained soil. Make sure that the ground stays moist during the initial period after planting. It's best to give them extra water during dry periods. Sufficient light is needed to ensure good growth. The hedge grows best in full or half sun.
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This product is currently unavailable

This product is currently unavailable

Latin name: Fagus sylvatica 'Atropurpurea'
Delivery type: Supplied as bare-rooted plant
Guarantee: 6 months growth and flowering guarantee
Color: Green,Red
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: Yes
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No
Growing Height: 200 - 300 cm
Planting distance: 30 - 40 cm

Fagus sylvatica feels more at home in the ground. Prior to planting, soak the Fagus sylvatica root balls in a bucket of luke-warm water. Prepare large holes and loosen the soil with a fork. If necessary add some compost and mix well. Plant the root balls at the correct depth - the top of the root ball should be just below the surface. Fill the hole with soil and press firmly down. Water immediately after planting. Fagus sylvatica thrives in a not too dry humus-rich soil. Improve your garden soil with a mix of well rotted manure and compost. Plant in a sunny or partially shaded spot.


Although Fagus sylvatica is fairly drought tolerant, we do advise watering more often during periods of drought. This will help the leaves stay green (or red) for longer. A layer of garden compost with fertiliser as a mulch in winter or early spring is recommended. For the hedge to keep its beautiful form, prune your beech hedge into shape twice a year: 1st during the winter and the 2nd time in June when the new shoots have just appeared. This will enhance the straight lines of your pruned hedge which can then be admired for most of the year.


The beech is a robust shrub, well suited to being grown as hedging. Pruning makes the shrub thicker and fuller every year. You can choose the height that suits you – you can keep it low or leave it and it will eventually reach 2 metres high, or even higher if required.

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