Top 10 indoor plants

Are you looking for a new plant for your home, but are not sure what kind of indoor plant suits you best? On this page, we discuss the top ten indoor plants to give you a little inspiration. By making plants a part of your interior design, you can add a warm and unique ambience to your home. Not to mention that they can bring your whole house to life!

1. Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

This tropical Monstera is often called the Swiss cheese plant in English. It’s immediately obvious why that is once you see: its leaves are full of decorative holes. The Monstera brightens up any interior. This climbing plant is native to Central and South America, and is easy to care for. This is partially due to how easy it is to find the right spot for it: the Monstera Deliciosa does just as well in bright locations as it does in shady ones. All you have to do is water this stunner once a week to keep it green and healthy.

2. Areca Palm

Areca Palm

This golden-yellow, ornamental palm brightens up any space right away with its long, narrow leaves. The Areca purifies the air by adding moisture to it and removing harmful substances. This golden palm does best in a bright area. Never let this South American beauty get too dry. The leaves will let you know whether you are taking care of it properly.

3. Clusia in water

Aquatic plants are the newest trend. Growing a plant on the water makes for a gorgeous addition to any interior, because it boasts a beautiful view of the roots. Check out this DIY aquatic Clusia: you just rinse off the roots and place the plant in a glass vase with the right amount of water. The roots will continue growing and the spiralling design they create makes for a stunning and unique centrepiece in your home.

4. Zanzibar gem

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, also called the Zanzibar gem, is a strong yet lovely indoor palm. Its thick leaves feature a layer of wax that allows the plant to continue thriving if conditions get dry every now and then. It is not a true palm, but is often thought of as one because the leaves are so similar. This low-maintenance member of the household loves to get a lot of light, but prefers not to spend the entire day in the sun.

5. Philodendron Atom

Philodendron Atom

This ornamental indoor plant is native to the rainforests of South America. In the tropics, the Philodendron will climb up trees. This small plant will thrive if you place it a few metres away from the window. During the summer, the Philodendron does best when sprayed with water, because this cleans its above-ground roots. You will be handsomely rewarded for this, too: the plant will clean the air in the space where you put it.

6. Croton ‘Mrs. Iceton’

Croton ‘Mrs. Iceton’

Do you love the beautiful colours that occur in nature during the autumn? If so, then you will love the gorgeous Croton ‘Mrs. Iceton’. Its large, colourful leaves will brighten up your day. This colourful plant enjoys a bright spot without direct sunlight. One important thing to know is that the plant’s sap is mildly poisonous. Be certain that you bear this in mind if you have children or pets.

7. Xanthosoma ‘Frozen Planet’

Xanthosoma ‘Frozen Planet’

Do you have room for a large indoor plant? The Xanthosoma will be a spectacular addition to your home with its large, gorgeous leaves. This plant also goes by the common name ‘elephant ears’, which will make sense as soon as you see the photo. We call it Frozen Planet sometimes, too, because the wax layer on its stems resembles a frosty dew. Pretty as a picture!

8. Kentia palm

Kentia palm

The Kentia palm is a gorgeous palm that is native to Australia. The plant is quite hardy, so it is extremely popular as indoor décor. This palm is one of the best air-purifying plants you can find. This means that not only is this plant a lovely addition to your home, but it is also great for your health. The palm grows slowly, but its heart will regularly produce new leaves. Each new leaf looks like a spear when it first appears and then suddenly splits open. It’s like magic.

9. Alocasia Lauterbachiana

Alocasia Lauterbachiana

With its reddish green colour and billowing leaves, this Alocasia is a pleasant surprise in any interior. Its leaves can grow up to 80 centimetres long! The plant is native to the jungles of south-east Asia. Alocasia lauterbachiana loves both bright and shaded locations, but is not a fan of direct sunlight. The plant needs to be watered regularly, but make sure that the roots are not always wet.

10. Calathea Misto

Calathea Misto

The Calathea Misto is famous for its ornamental leaves, which are light and dark green. What makes the Calathea so unique is that it goes to sleep at night. All the leaves fold close and stand straight up. It’s quite the sight to wake up with this plant!

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