Special ways to plant flower bulbs for an extra colourful result

There's nothing better than working in your garden, getting your hands dirty and feeling part of nature. Planting flower bulbs is bound to make you happy, especially if you do it with other people, and makes you feel rooted in the earth beneath your feet. Plant lovers everywhere want to enjoy flowers in all their many colours, even if they aren't lucky enough to have a large garden full of them, so read on to find out about our top planting techniques for flower bulbs in pots. Simply follow along to get started with your favourite flower bulbs, whenever and wherever you want them.

Planting flower bulbs: how about flower bulb lasagne?

No, this isn't a new recipe; we're talking about a technique for planting flower bulbs called lasagne planting. Use this simple method to turn your empty flower pots into explosions of colour. And no, you can't eat them.

  • Flower bulb lasagne:

Simply put, lasagne planting involves making layers with flower bulbs organised in the order in which they flower, so you get different kinds of flowers that you can enjoy for months on end. It's important that the bulbs that flower last are planted at the bottom, so make sure that you put them in the pot first and put the bulbs that flower first on top. Don't forget the layer of potting soil in between each layer of bulbs, just like the layers of source in a lasagne.

Here's the recipe for your very own flower bulb lasagne:

  1. Choose a large and deep flower pot with enough room for several layers of bulbs.

  2. Choose the flower bulbs you want to use. As we said above, every layer of flower bulbs must flower at a different time. If the bulbs in the bottom layer appear too early, they may damage the layers above them.

  3. Fill the pot with a layer of fresh potting soil for flower bulbs, which contains everything the bulbs need to grow properly.

  4. Place the first layer of flower bulbs in the pot with their pointed ends facing upwards. Space the bulbs slightly apart so that they can root properly.

  5. Then fill the pot up with fresh potting soil and tamp it down lightly.

  6. Add as many layers as you want and as will fit in the flower pot. Always line up the holes for the bulbs in each layer, to make it easier for the bulbs to grow.

  7. Finally, water lightly and cover the pot during any extreme frosts.

You can use a huge range of flower bulbs to create these lasagnes, so choose your favourite bulbs but make sure that you check when they flower. You can find this information on our website.

If you find it difficult to pick the bulbs yourself, here are two examples to make things easier for you:

Flower bulb lasagne 1

  • Top layer: Crocuses
  • Middle layer: Hyacinths
  • Bottom layer: Tulips

Flower bulb lasagne 2

  • Top layer: Snowdrops
  • Middle layer: Narcissi
  • Bottom layer: Tulips
  • Flower bulb disc:

An easier option is to use a flower bulb disc, also known as flower bulb pizza. These are round discs with flower bulbs that you simply place in a flower pot for an easy way to create a magnificent end result. Our 1-2-3 flower bulb discs make planting child's play and lots of fun for everyone. So, how does it work? We create the most beautiful combinations of flower bulbs and all you have to do is plant them.

  1. Take a large flower pot (with an average diameter of at least 30 cm or so) or create a space in your garden for the flower bulb disc.

  2. Place the disc in the whole or in the decorative pot and top up with fresh potting soil. Water lightly if the bulbs are very dry.

  3. When spring comes, sit back and enjoy a colourful and fragrant sea of flowers!

How simple is that? Whatever your age, anyone who likes flower bulbs can use our 1-2-3 flower bulb disc. And that's not all; all of these packs of flower bulbs will also attract bees and butterflies, so you can enjoy a small work of art in your garden and give nature a helping hand as well! What more could you ask for?

If you're interested in the flower bulb disc, take a look at our range of flower bulb packs for plenty of easy ways to fill your garden with flowers.

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