Indoor Plants: Plants for Men

Plants for Men

Which plants are perfect for today’s man? This selection of indoor plants are easy to care for, great to look at and the best natural air freshener for the home. Add ‘masculine’character and a look and feel that any man would be proud of. Typical plants that are worthy of a ‘man-hug’ are, for instance, Codiaenum (Croton), Philodendron, Sansevieria (Mother-in-law’s Tongue), Schefflera and Scindapsus. The following are ideal plants for that special man in your life.

Selection of plants

manly plants

‘Manly plants’ - versatile in shape, size and colour

  • Codiaeum is available in lots of different shapes and sizes. They all fall under Codiaeum variegatum (variegated, which means the leaves are bicoloured). Codiaeum (Croton) comes from the Greek Kroton (tick) which refers to the tick-looking seed! Originating in Indonesia, this plant can be found traditionally in warmer climates. Codiaeum is a colourful plant that keeps its foliage.
  • Philodendron can be a climber, with big and small leaves, or a shrub. Its leathery leaves are green and sometimes with a red blush. Larger varieties of this climber will often grow aerial roots. Philodendron grows wild in the tropical rainforests of South America where it can be found as a bush, a small tree, or as a climber.
  • Sansevieria, also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue, comes in lots of shapes and sizes. You can find fanned examples, and even pleated leaf versions with tinted or even felted leaf. Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Sansevieria) is possibly the easiest to care for houseplant around. Grown originally in the dry areas of Africa and Asia it knows how to survive in desert conditions. Mother-in-law’s Tongue has really strong rhizomes from which sprout thick, sword blade shaped leaves.
  • Schefflera comes in various varieties, most of which are tree-like types. Schefflera can grow to become a tree in the wild. You can recognise a Schefflera by its many-fingered hand-shaped leaf. It naturally grows in the forests of New Zealand, Taiwan and Australia where the plants can climb to a height of 20-30 metres. One of the best things about a Schefflerra is that it is one of the best air-purifying plants around. Striking foliage - you will love this plant.
  • Scindapsus is known for either climbing or hanging and grows pretty green leaves with yellow markings. Scindapsus (possibly better-known as Epipremnum) is a climber/hanger that is classified under Araceae so has arum-lily like bracts when it flowers. It’s considered a ‘lucky’ plant to have and commonly called ‘the money plant’.

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