Plantfulness for relaxation

After blue, green is the most common colour on Earth. We already knew that the colour green makes us happy, but several studies have proven that green is actually good for us. Plants help you relax, improve your environment and give your health a noticeable boost.

Purify the air

It is common knowledge that plants convert CO2 into oxygen via photosynthesis. This increases the amount of oxygen in the air, making it easier for us to breathe in enough oxygen. Air-purifying plants also filter out pollutants from the air. These include gases and other harmful substances that are unable to escape from a well-insulated house. The plants make the air cleaner and healthier for you to breathe in.

Control pathogens

A lot of water is evaporated by plants, especially air-purifying plants, through the pores in their leaves. They release this moisture into the air around them, which increases the humidity level in a room. Moist air is good for dry skin, dry throats and dry coughs. It has also been proven that influenza and cold virus pathogens find it harder to survive in places with high humidity and are therefore less likely to be transmitted.

Concentration and productivity

Studies have shown that having plants on your desk while working can increase your concentration and therefore your productivity by up to 15%. This research also proved that plants can improve your memory by up to 20%. Do you often struggle to concentrate during the working day? Or do you often get distracted and forget things? Plants could help you be more productive at work, so surround yourself with as much greenery as possible in the office and at home.

Plants make you happy

A British study followed a group of people for 18 years and found that the people who surrounded themselves with the colour green were happier. These people often lived in a green environment or owned a lot of plants. See it for yourself — gardening or taking care of houseplants could make you feel happier, too!

Trees and plants help you relax

The wonderful scent of the trees surrounds you when you walk through a forest. You love being outdoors — you enjoy the fresh outside air and the beautiful colours. It makes you feel completely relaxed. This is due to the fragrant trees. Trees secrete phytoncides to repel insects and fungi. Phytoncides can lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. They can bring you complete relaxation. Evergreen trees have an especially strong effect. You should consider planting trees in your garden.

Gardening also helps you relax. After a long stressful day of work, where not everything went right, there is nothing better than relaxing in the garden and tending to your plants. Research shows that people feel happy when they see quick results from their work. In the garden you get to see quick results when planting or pruning, for example. Try it for yourself!

Plants accelerate healing

Diseases seem to heal more quickly when sick people have contact with plants or other types of nature. This has been tested on patients in several hospitals. Plants can reduce pain, sorrow and anger, which stimulates the healing process. So it's a good idea to bring a little plant as a gift when you visit someone in hospital.

Improve sleep quality

Increasing the level of oxygen in a room helps you to sleep better. That's why air purifying plants are good to have in the bedroom. But some plants also give off a special aroma that can help you sleep even better. Be careful when choosing which plant to put in your bedroom, as there are also plants that absorb oxygen at night rather than producing it.

All in all, it's pretty clear that plants are good for you. So there are plenty of reasons to have plants in your house, in your garden or on your balcony. We will be happy to help you find the plants that are perfect for you. Have a look at our range of indoor plants and garden plants and improve your quality of life today!


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