Heat protocol

How will my plants be delivered when temperatures top 25°Celsius?

Our plants go straight from the nursery to our warehouse, where we provide them with a suitable environment and the care that they need. We do everything we can to make sure that our products are as fresh as possible when they get to you, especially on warmer days. For example, we might give the plants extra water before shipping them. During a heatwave, we take certain plants down from the website and they are temporarily unavailable. This is because some plants don't cope that well with the combination of heat and transport. Once the weather cools off, they can be ordered again. This means that your plants will be in the best condition when they arrive. 

What should I do first when my plants arrive? 

Yours plants have just had a long journey, so take them out of the box as soon as possible. If the soil feels dry to the touch, water them as soon as possible. The plants may look a bit dry but they will perk up in a few days. They also need to relax for a while, so don't put them in the sun for the first few days. Be aware that certain plants love the sun, so always read the label first.  

What is the best time to water my plants when it's hot?

During hot spells, water every other day. Water in the morning or evening after sunset, as this will prevent the water from evaporating immediately. Be aware that certain plants, like succulents and cacti, love dry soil, so they only need water once a week. Read the plant label carefully before you start watering. 

My plants have yellow leaves – what should I do?

Yellow leaves often mean plants are getting too much sunlight. Move them somewhere cool and darker and they will often regain their colour. If not, remove the yellow leaves so the plants can put their energy into growing new ones.

If you are not sure whether a plant is alive and can be saved, feel free to send us a photo using the Support button here under.We're always happy to help.

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