Patio Heaters

We've all experienced it - it has been a lovely sunny day but it cools of abruptly in the evening. Use one of these electric or gas patio heaters and you can sit outdoors for a while longer, despite the cold. Patio heating is easily set up and immediately gives off that extra heat, just what is needed. When it's a gas heater, it can go anywhere in the garden and the nice warm glow also adds a nice touch of cosiness to the patio or decking. You could choose something from all the various types of patio heating in the Bakker collection. There's uprights, wall mounted and even ceiling mounted heaters available. Fancy one? Then take a quick look at our selection of patio heaters and you will soon be enjoying nice long (warm) evenings outdoors in the garden or on the patio/decking.

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Patio Heaters

Buying a patio heater

You can enjoy time on the patio or decking for longer, even on cooler evenings, with a patio heater. But which one should you buy? Gas fired patio heaters can be placed anywhere really – no cabling of course! An electric heater is generally less expensive to run than a patio heater with a gas cylinder.

Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters give off heat from a lamp. The type of heat you get, depends on the type of lamp you use

  • Halogen lamps – these heat the body and not the surrounding air. Wind will not affect the heat given off by halogen lamps. Patio heaters with halogen lamps give off a red glow.
  • Quartz lamps – the surrounding air is heated with heaters that work via quartz lamps. Wind will affect the amount of heat. Patio heaters with quartz lamps don’t give off any light at all.
  • Carbon filament lamps – both the surrounding air and the body is heated with lamps with carbon filaments. Won’t be affected by wind quite as much as a quartz lamp. Patio heaters with carbon filaments give off a moderate glow.

Gas Patio Heaters

A gas patio heater is cosy and gives off a pleasant type of heat. A gas heater can be placed more or less just where you want it. The one down side to a gas heater is that the gas bottle has to be refilled or replaced once empty.
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