The iris is a very large family of plants, bulbs and tubers. Irises are very popular to grow due to their long, narrow leaves and prettily shaped flowers in lots of different varieties and colours. One strong characteristic of irises is that their buds hide in a sheath of foliage. Iris flowers have three hanging and three upright petals. The hardy perennial iris has a fibrous rhizome and thrives in most soils. All our irises are classified under Iris germanica (barbata) and Iris sibirica. If you want bright colour in your garden, order quickly and before you know it your garden will be full of these lovely, decorative irises!



Iris germanica or Iris barbata
Iris germanica and/or Iris barbata (bearded iris) all carry what resembles a beard, under the petals, which obviously accounts for them being so called. The threads of this ‘beard’ help insects to hold on to the flower when they land. Also striking in a bearded iris is the blueish green foliage that is generally wider than the leaves on other varieties. The flowers come in some fabulous shades, sometimes mixed.
Iris sibirica
Has bright green foliage that remains on the plant for a long time so keeps it looking decorative right into autumn. Many types of Iris sibirica flowers have spots on throat of the petals that contrast beautifully with the rest of the flower. When flowering on Iris sibirica is over, blackish brown seed pots appear. Iris sibirica will even thrive in fairy dry soil and a clump of iris leaves remains decorative for a good while.
Irises in the garden always make you smile!

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