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‘GARDENA headquarters are based in the city of Ulm in Germany and is the preferred brand in the field of garden care and maintenance for millions of home and garden owners. That's because GARDENA offers a complete range of everything you need – irrigation systems, pumps, garden ponds, lawn maintenance, tree and shrub maintenance and garden tools in general including gardening tools for soil preparation. GARDENA is currently the leading brand for high quality garden tools in Europe and is established in more than 80 countries around the world.’

Mowing the lawn

Be smart and use Gardena® lawnmowers, robotic mowers, edge trimmers and fertiliser spreaders to care for you lawn in the best possible way. A pretty and well-cared for lawn is after all the showpiece for most gardens. Gardena® lawnmowers are easy to use and lightweight too. The grass trimmers are also best quality and will last for years.

GARDENA Smart-System

The Gardena® Smart-System lets you care for your garden via a SMART phone of tablet computer. The Gardena® Smart-System will send you all the information you need on your garden – all the time, wherever you are. You can even cut the grass and sprinkle the lawn while you are on holiday.

All your pruning tools

Get absolutely the best results from all your pruning jobs with Gardena® secateurs, pruning saw, branch loppers and hedge trimmers. These powerful Gardena® garden tools are all made in best quality materials so are even more durable and long-lasting. They are comfortable to use and user-friendly too.


Good quality gardening implements are unmissable for maintaining a garden. There’s always something needing done. has an extensive selection of Gardena® gardening tools on offer that makes working in the (kitchen) garden much more fun.


Garden sprinklers used properly, help to keep your plants and your lawn looking green and healthy. There’s always the right solution for your garden’s efficient sprinkler necessities to be found via Gardena®. Gardena® actually makes watering the garden, fun!
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