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Garden Maintenance

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Garden Maintenance

Maintaining your garden is essential if you want to keep it neat and tidy. Nothing looks more welcoming than a well-kept garden. Of course working in the garden is good exercise too – you’re outdoors and keeping active. There’s something to do in the garden all year round. Think of fertilising the lawn, sowing seeds, setting up winter protection and preventing pest and diseases in your garden. has everything you need to help you maintain your garden to the very best of your ability.

Prevention of pests and diseases in the garden

Bakker has lots of products available for repelling all kinds of annoying insects. To fight against diseases and pests that occur in the garden, you are at the right place with Also for 100% natural and organic pesticides. Isn’t it just lovely to be able to enjoy the garden, patio or decking without all those irritating insects?


For optimal growth and blooming of plants, shrubs, roses, etc., good fertiliser is indispensable. Potted plants all need feeding regularly too you know. Choose between granulated cow manure, organic fertilisers and fertilisers. offers you a wide variety of many top quality fertilisers.


Growing all your own flowers, vegetables and fruit is a great hobby. With us you will find the most popular products you need to make your hobby a great success. Together with our excellent quality seeds, you’re bound to have good results.

Winter plant protection

Some plants, trees and shrubs are not as hardy in the winter, as others are and will need protection from frost and cold weather. We have a huge choice of various protective materials for your plants. Take a quick look and choose from the various possibilities on offer.

Miscellaneous garden maintenance

In addition to mowing, growing and protecting your garden, there are lots of little jobs always needing to be done to make the place look nicer or tidier. For example, fencing of some sort might need a new coat of paint. Try a new colour for a new look, or just brighten things up with the same colour again.

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