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Flowers and Plants

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Flowers and Plants

The most beautiful flowers and plants for your home and garden!

What a pleasure to be surrounded by flowers and plants, the influence of nature gives a wellbeing that brings happiness! And what could be better than a garden full of the most spectacular plants, trees, rose bushes and flowering bulbs for your enjoyment. has a huge selection that could transform your garden and patio area into your very own paradise with breathtaking flowers and plants. Bakker also offers a selection of exceptional indoor plants that you will not find elsewhere. From flowering house plants, plants that are easy to cultivate like succulents, tropical orchids to fashionable hanging plants. Order quickly and easily online at!

Flowers and plants for your garden

Conifers, hardy perennials, ornamental shrubs, climbing plants and trees will make your garden a place where you can relax and enjoy. With the addition of colour and scent from flower bulbs, every garden becomes just the perfect picture. Most garden flowers and plants can also be grown in pots and planters on the patio. There’s something for everyone and has plenty of interesting types of plants available. Just take a look around our extensive collection. For more information on pruning, planting, harvesting, garden maintenance and other gardening tips, please take a look at ‘gardening advice’.

House plants for a touch of indoor nature

House plants are essential for adding comfort and a personal touch to your home. House plants are a way of bringing nature indoors. They add fresh oxygen and help regulate humidity levels in your home. Bakker's extensive collection contains house plants in all shapes and sizes to choose from. Some house plants flower wonderfully, other varieties are popular and decorative for their foliage. Not to mention exotic indoor orchids and palm trees! You’re sure to find just the right house plant at!
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