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Climbing plants grown from seed are so rewarding, their growth in height and colourful flowers give shape to the garden. Ideal for creating a beautiful seating area adding another dimension to the garden and will easily brighten a wall with their lovely colours. Success guaranteed! Also a pergola erected at the end of the garden path also serves as a support for climbing plants and adds depth to the garden. Climbing plants generally grow rapidly and flower profusely! Click below to find the prettiest climbing plants to grow from seed!

Climbing plants

Climbers grown from seed are ideal for growing along a fence, wire mesh or covering a boring wall. The varieties we sell at are fast growing climbers, exceptionally profuse flowering and also suitable for snipping a few flowers now and then for a pretty flower arrangement. The Lathyrus (sweet pea) we have for you is a hardy perennial. The morning glory in our collection is one that you will not find elsewhere. They are strong, fast climbing and really quite unique! Make your choice and enjoy the entire summer of beauty around you with bright and colourful flowers along your fence or wall.
For more tips on planting and caring for climbing plants, check out our gardening advice pages online.
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