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Blueberries are extremely good for you. Good source of vitamins C, K, trace elements and oxidants. Good for the heart and good for our arteries. In addition, the anthocyanin present in blueberries has a positive effect on our brains. So, with all these health benefits, what better fruit than blueberries could there be to grow in your own garden? They can be used freshly picked to snack on, in a fruit salad or, incorporated into a blueberry pie or cake - they're unbeatable!

Growing blueberries on the patio or decking

Blueberries are easy to grow. Almost anywhere is suitable for growing blueberries – in the garden or in containers on the patio/decking. Size not important. It’s a good idea to always plant two varieties of blueberry together to encourage good pollination. A single plant will definitely fruit but you will get a lot more berries per bush if several plants are growing together.

Blueberries - superfood

Blueberries are so good for you and very nutritious. There just aren’t many edibles containing quite as much antioxidant as blueberries. They are very good for helping to lower high blood pressure. Not to be confused with blackberries of course. There are loads of recipes online that use blueberries. As well as being delicious freshly picked, you can use them to make jam, add to cakes and smoothies etc. Blueberries freeze well too so you can keep them longer.

Planting blueberry bushes

A blueberry bush likes a nice sunny but sheltered spot. Spring and autumn are the best planting times. Don’t forget to regularly water young and newly planted blueberry bushes. Don’t use any rich fertilisers immediately after planting as young blueberry bushes are pretty sensitive.
For more tips on planting and caring for blueberries, check out our gardening advices pages online.

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