An artificial Christmas, charming and simple

An artificial Christmas, charming and simple

Indoor plants | 23 February 2021

During the long, dark days in the run-up to Christmas, it's fun to make your home as warm and cheerful as possible. A Christmas tree with colourful Christmas decorations is a must! Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get into the Christmas spirit? Then decorate your home with artificial Christmas plants. That way, you can enjoy that cosy Christmas feeling without having to deal with all the needles from a pine tree in your house. Follow Bakker's step-by-step guide to decking the halls in your home.

1. A warm welcome

To give your guests a warm welcome and get them into the Christmas spirit, start by having a striking decoration on your front door. An artificial Christmas wreath is perfect for this: it stays beautiful looking even when the temperature drops. Will it be the white Christmas wreath with artificial snow or the green wreath decorated with lights? Bakker's Christmas wreaths are all ready to hang. Why not choose one for each door? Brighten up the path to your doorway with piceas. These are real mini Christmas trees, and look great either in a pot or in the ground. Leave the needles outside so there's no cleaning up to do inside. Place this tree-shaped garden stake in the front garden to give your house even more Christmas cheer. The atmospheric lights let everyone know that Christmastime has come around again.

2. Give the hall a dash of colour

Let us take you on a tour of Bakker's own Christmas house. There's no such thing as having too much greenery or too many lights. Create a red carpet leading to the star attraction, the Christmas tree, using pretty lights and Christmas garlands. Use fairy lights on your uncarpeted staircase to show the way to the table and to Christmas dinner. Christmas garlands are perfect for on the ceiling, making you feel as if you're walking through a charming little Christmas market. Follow the greenery through into the living room.

3. An indoor winter wonderland

Welcome to your own winter wonderland. This living room radiates colour and joy! The star of the show is of course the Christmas tree! To make it as simple as possible to keep it looking at it's best, opt for an artificial Christmas tree. It will stay beautifully green and can be set up in just five minutes, without a single drop of sweat or pine needle to clean up afterwards. And … the Christmas tree will last for years! Now it's time for the best job of all — decorating the Christmas tree. This is of course very much down to personal taste. Will you choose chic Christmas baubles or go for authentic little figures like Santa Claus, sleighs and reindeer? And don't forget the Christmas lights! Choose whichever colour you like best. Do you have a large living room? If so, why not go big and have two Christmas trees to create twice as much joy! Or perhaps you prefer a different type of greenery in your living room? That isn't a problem. Why not go for a tropical Christmas by decorating your indoor palms with Christmas garlands, lights and baubles. Or make your own Christmas centrepiece with plants from the garden. Holly, gaultheria and skimmia are ideal for this.

Has the tour of the house helped get you into the Christmas spirit? Use that inspiration to get started with your Christmas decorations! Take a look at Bakker's Christmas range and find everything you need to create a cosy Christmas.

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