Garden trends for 2020/2021

Garden trends for 2020/2021

Garden trends | 05 May 2021

Curious to discover the garden trends for 2020/2021? We have listed all the fun must-haves for your garden, balcony or terrace to help you give them a brand new look this year.

We present to you the top 3 hottest garden trends of 2020/2021 to give you some early inspiration and let you start designing your outdoor space.

Trend #1: "Green balance"

The 'green balance' garden trend is all about being completely relaxed in your own garden. The theme exudes spirituality, organisation and tranquillity. The trend is characterised by plants and accessories with soft colours and shapes, open planting and shielding from the outside world with a large garden fence. The colour palette mainly consists of pastel, light pink and light and dark green shades. We have listed a number of plants that fit perfectly with a 'green balance' garden:

The Japanese Maple tree

This trend would not be complete without the Acer. The Acer, also known as the Japanese Maple, brings Japanese Zen to your garden with its soft red and green colours. It is winter-hardy so it can survive the cold winter well. Every summer it blooms in full and you can enjoy its beautiful colourful leaves.

The Eucalyptus gunnii

Herbal plants are a perfect fit for the spiritual theme. The Eucalyptus gunnii tree is excellent for creating a height difference in your garden. The leaves of this tree, which originates from Australia, give off a wonderful fragrance. As an added bonus, this fragrance helps to repel mosquitoes.

The Bamboo

Bamboo exudes strength and peacefulness. You can use these plants as a hedge to shield the garden from the busy outside world. Take the Fargesia, for example; this is the perfect hedge plant for your Zen garden.

When it comes to garden accessories and decoration, they also exude soft shapes and colours. These are mainly pots and objects with natural tones and rounded shapes. Consider, for example, the Capi Clay Nature globe.
In addition, the frames for hanging or supporting plants all come back, and other ways are being devised for raising plants up. Think climbing plants or hanging plants especially.

Trend #2: "Nature connects"

Our second garden trend is called 'nature connects'. This trend is not only about our connection with nature but also about our connection with each other. It reflects characteristics from many different cultures. The colours are mainly tropical, mixed with earthy colours such as brown. The planting is also very pronounced with plants from different parts of the world close together.

For this theme, we have listed the following plants:

Our Tricyrtis hirta, also called the toad lily, has a tropical appearance with its coloured dotted flowers. It comes in purple, pink and white. The flowers of the Tricyrtis hirta will be the main attraction of your garden and also lend your garden a wonderful fragrance.


Pampas grasses give your garden a soothing effect. The Cortaderia Selloana, the official name of the white pampas grass, is originally from South America. You can prune the ornamental grasses in springtime. Our little tip: dye the cut ornamental grasses and use them indoors.


Dahlias add a beautiful touch of colour to the garden. The variation in the shape between the star-shaped leaves of the toad lily and the bulb-shaped pompon dahlias gives a wonderful effect in the garden.


Black mondo grass is an ornamental grass that fits perfectly with this theme. The leaves of this plant are black in colour, which provides great contrast with the colours of the flowers listed above.


Pots and accessories that seem to be a combination of several materials fit right in with these trends. Natural stones also work well. Examples of suitable outdoor pots are:

Trend #3: "Green fun"

New developments and innovations also influence your interior design, and green is no exception. This is becoming increasingly possible. For example, think of colours, shapes or combinations that you might not have used so readily before that are now trending. The garden theme that fits with this is 'green fun'. This trend is characterised by new green innovations for the garden, crazy-looking plants and bright colours.

Consider, for example, the following plants:

The morning glory 'Knowlians Black' fits in perfectly with the space theme. With its black leaves and pink centre, the flowers resemble a jet engine. The look like they could take off at any moment. And secretly it is a bit like that, as the bindweed is a climbing plant.


Geometric shapes also fit with this garden trend. You will soon end up at succulents. The Sempervivum, or houseleek, is a succulent that is highly suited to outdoors. They can be positioned in full sun and are winter-hardy. The crazy shapes of the sempervivum are in keeping with the futuristic theme of this trend.


You might not expect artificial plants in the garden, but they actually fit perfectly with this trend. Nowadays they can sometimes be hard to distinguish from real plants and are currently very on trend! Take our Buxus sphere, for example, which appears to start rolling naturally. Place it in a tall pot and create your own palace garden.


The double-flowered lily 'Mystery Dream' really does live up to green fun. With its beautiful light green and small red blush, it has a mysterious appearance. The lilies flower from June to August and are ideal as cut flowers so you can also brighten up your living room with greenery.


The Dwarf lupins come in such beautiful colours that they look like they are painted. Our beautiful mix gives you dwarf lupins in red, yellow, white, purple and pink. So your garden can be awash with cheerful colours.


The bright colours of this theme are mainly reflected in the garden accessories. That is why we also recommend the following accessories:

The Artstone claire collection has outdoor pots in all manner of bright colours. Perfect for your 'green fun' garden.

The Elho Green Basics Top planter lets your garden and plants shine. This light green pot exudes 'fun'.


Garden lighting is very important within this garden trend. To highlight some plants, you can literally put them in the spotlight. This can create a nice colour effect in the garden in the evening. Take a look at our extensive garden lighting range for ideas.

Are you looking to create a different style that bucks the garden trends detailed above? Then take a look at our garden styles that never go out of fashion. Read more about these top choices in our articles:

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