How to garden on your patio?

How to garden on your patio?

Garden plants | 19 March 2021

Transform your patio or balcony into a garden! With the right patio and balcony plants, you can create the ultimate garden atmosphere all year long. It doesn’t matter which direction your patio or balcony faces, you can always turn it into a garden! Do you have a small patio or balcony? No problem! Forget about floor space—the sky’s the limit. Create a vertical garden! If you want to enjoy your patio or balcony garden at night too, you can pick a lovely outdoor lamp or heating element. They’ll always keep things warm and well lit.


Always thought that a garden was impossible, because your patio or balcony faces north? Absolutely not true! There are plenty of plants that would love to live in the shade your location provides. Lilies of the valley, bleeding hearts, hydrangeas and beautiful shrubs, like the Japanese maple and rhododendron, love shade. The Caucasian stonecrop is a colourful groundcover plant that brightens up the shadows. There are more than enough plants to turn your patio or balcony into the ultimate north-facing garden.

Please note: When planting in pots, make sure that excess water can drain out easily. If the soil is wet for too long, the roots will rot and the plant may die. Always make sure that your pot has holes in the bottom or you can even make them yourself.

Tip: See our shade-loving groundcover plants.


An east-facing balcony or patio overflows with sunlight in the morning. Perfect for plants that love the shade and the sun! Not only are there gorgeous flowers that love to catch some rays, but why not try a beautiful fruit or citrus tree? You can walk right up to it and pick your own fruit! Find all the plants and flowers that are perfect for your east-facing patio or balcony right here.

Tip: These plants need a lot of moisture to develop properly. Use large flower pots to prevent them from drying out quickly. It is best to use plastic or glazed pots.


South-facing patios and balconies get tons of sunlight. These sun-loving plants are all ready to work on their tans! Dahlias love soaking up some rays, probably because they are native to Mexico. Cheerful petunias are a must-have too and you can even plant roses. They are easy to grow in pots. Just as with east-facing patio or balcony gardens, fruit and citrus trees are a perfect fit. See our selection of sun-loving plants here.

Please note: Water these plants regularly, sometimes twice a day. Flowers and plants in small pots will dry out faster than those in larger ones. In order to keep water from evaporating, it is best to use plastic or glazed planters.


If your balcony or patio faces west, you get plenty of sun from afternoon to evening. Another perfect opportunity to mix and match shade and sun lovers. If there’s not much wind, you can pick and choose whatever you like. However, if your balcony or patio gets more than a strong breeze, it’s better to choose plants that are sturdier, stronger and closer to the ground. The Campanula is great, but so are robust fruit bushes, like the blueberry. We recommend using large, wide flower pots. These are less likely to rock and sway in the wind.

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