Flower bulbs

Flower bulbs are the real show pieces in any garden and on any patio or balcony Some flower bulbs are even suitable for indoors! With just a few exceptions, they appear in the spring or summer, so you can enjoy the most beautiful colours, fragrances and shapes. Although flower bulbs are extremely popular with plant fans, there's still plenty to learn about them. Did you know the difference between spring-flowering bulbs (tulips, daffodils, crocuses) and summer-flowering ones (dahlias, gladiolus)? And did you know that most of them also attract bees and butterflies? We answer more of these questions for you and we can also help you to use bulbs in all shapes and sizes to design your living environment.

Fritillaries: bluebells for later in the spring
Potted flower bulbs
Caring for flower bulbs after flowering
Hyacinths are charming spring flowers
Narcissi are the first ray of sunshine in spring
Tips & tricks for planting flower bulbs
Planting bulbs in the spring = a sea of flowers in the summer!
Planting and care of dahlias
Planting lilies
Top 5 most special flower bulb packs
Amaryllis: an eye-catcher for your home or garden!
Allium: The perfect flower bulb for spring and summer

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